Top 8 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021

Cryptocurrency has been going from strength to strength despite the turbulent year, and many believe now is the golden time to invest in it. Of course, cryptocurrencies have very dynamic values, but platforms like crypto-charts are always there to help people know about the prevailing prices and the right time to invest. 

Here are the top cryptocurrencies to look out for in 2021 – 

  • Ethereum 

Those looking for investment options in the new year must keep an eye on ethereum real-time price. The developers of ethereum have also put forward some exciting plans, including energy efficiency and a staking system to replace traditional cryptocurrency mining, which is sure to increase its value. 

  • Litecoin

What makes Litecoin such an attractive investment is its low price, which is great for those who want to test the waters around cryptocurrency before jumping in. The Lightbringer launch, a role-playing fantasy game where players’ moves are transactions, has further put it in the spotlight.

  • Bitcoin 

Those who keep an eye on bitcoin price today in usd live to know that the cryptocurrency defied all expectations to hit an all-time high of over nineteen thousand dollars. With the continued interest in bitcoin and growing institutional demand, now is the time to invest in bitcoin and reap the benefits. 

  • Tron 

Combining two of the most dominant forces of the digital world – entertainment and cryptocurrency, Tron seeks to create a new method of sharing digital content. It seeks to cut go-betweens and bring content directly from producers to consumers, paid via the Tronix cryptocurrency. It’s a risky but fascinating adventure for prospective investors. 

  • Binance Coin 

Those interested in ethereum real-time price should also consider the Binance coin as an option. Hosted initially on ethereum, Binance is also a multi-functional cryptocurrency and platform hybrid that has become the go-to hub for engaging in cryptocurrency exchanges. As cryptocurrency booms, the platform is thus likely to keep growing. 

  • IOTA

IOTA has distinguished itself from other cryptocurrencies by placing itself as a cutting-edge new industry – the Internet of Things. IOTS aims to aid transactions between the devices linked in the IoT network. It has already begun to build relationships in many industries, making it a very appealing prospect to clients. 

  • Stellar Lumens 

The strength of bitcoin price today in usd live has rattled the traditional financial institutions. Stellar Lumens is seeking to bridge the gap and aims to create a global payment rail system. It’s partnering with existing financial stalwarts has lent it a perception of trust and security from investors.

  • Ripple 

Like etherum real price Live, Ripple is also more than a cryptocurrency. Today, it acts as a cross-border payment method that has the support of more than three hundred financial institutions, making it perhaps the most closely linked cryptocurrency to the traditional financial system and thus a safe investment bet. 

Cryptocurrency is unlikely to go anywhere and continue to challenge and even supplant traditional institutions. Thus, there are many great options for investors going into 2021, ranging from safe and reliable to exciting and adventurous.

How to Buy, Sell, and Keep Track of Bitcoin

You might have heard a lot about Bitcoins’ buzzing word and find yourself wondering what it means and how to buy, sell, and store the coins safely. In general, Bitcoin is the open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. It is the type of protocol that allows instant peer-to-peer payment transactions without zero or no processing charges. Unlike regular currencies, Bitcoin works without any central authority or bank. The management of the transactions and issuing of the Bitcoins are carried out by a network collectively. The software used for the transactions of the Bitcoin is the community drive, open-source project, and free and released under MIT license. The software uses cryptography for the creation of the Bitcoin and handling the transactions.

The digital currency is very fungible, untraceable and theoretically inflation-proof like gold. But, before investment, it is necessary to check the Bitcoin Price Today in USD Live as the price keeps on fluctuating.            

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is easy to buy through stockbrokers and exchanges or from other owners. No matter where you decide to buy Bitcoin, consider the risk involved in investing in digital assets. Always keep checking the Bitcoin Price Live USD before investment to grab the better deal when buying it. Traders can buy Bitcoin using the fiat currencies, like USD or other Cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin Wallet – The first option from where one can buy Bitcoin is from the wallet. You can buy either Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin from the wallet. Buy the desired number of coins and deposit it into your preferred digital wallet.       
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform – It is another source from where Bitcoin can be purchased. You have to find an existing seller who wants to sell Bitcoin cash, or you may create a new order on the platform. You can choose the desired amount of coins you want to buy and pay via bank transfer or other modes. 
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange – There are different exchanges where you have to create an account and follow the instructions to buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. The coins you have purchased will show up in your exchange wallet connected to your account. 

When you want to sell your Bitcoin for making profits, use the following sources to easily sell out your Bitcoins. 

  • Bitcoin Wallet – There is a service called Crypto2Cash in the Bitcoin wallet, and it is the 3rd part provider where you need to share your personal and banking details. Signup and type the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. Send the Bitcoin, and after six confirmations, the order gets completed. Follow the instructions of the Crypto2Cash, and the funds you earned by selling Bitcoin would get transferred to your bank account. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform – You can find existing buyers interested in buying Bitcoin and creating sell orders. Launch a trader with the buyer and send the Bitcoin to the buyers. Once the buyer releases the payment, you get the funds into your digital wallet. 

Where to Keep Track of Bitcoin?

You will require a wallet application for Bitcoins that you have purchased online. These applications store your Bitcoin safely in the private servers. These applications not only allow you to trade in Bitcoin but also make the process of keeping track of Bitcoin easier and smoother. There are several Bitcoin wallets online that you may use after thorough research. Never trust an inferior mobile app when it comes to storing your Bitcoin. It must allow you to track your Bitcoin easily via a dedicated desktop or mobile application.

So, follow these steps to buy, sell and keep track of your Bitcoins.