How to Buy, Sell, and Keep Track of Bitcoin

You might have heard a lot about Bitcoins’ buzzing word and find yourself wondering what it means and how to buy, sell, and store the coins safely. In general, Bitcoin is the open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. It is the type of protocol that allows instant peer-to-peer payment transactions without zero or no processing charges. Unlike regular currencies, Bitcoin works without any central authority or bank. The management of the transactions and issuing of the Bitcoins are carried out by a network collectively. The software used for the transactions of the Bitcoin is the community drive, open-source project, and free and released under MIT license. The software uses cryptography for the creation of the Bitcoin and handling the transactions.

The digital currency is very fungible, untraceable and theoretically inflation-proof like gold. But, before investment, it is necessary to check the Bitcoin Price Today in USD Live as the price keeps on fluctuating.            

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is easy to buy through stockbrokers and exchanges or from other owners. No matter where you decide to buy Bitcoin, consider the risk involved in investing in digital assets. Always keep checking the Bitcoin Price Live USD before investment to grab the better deal when buying it. Traders can buy Bitcoin using the fiat currencies, like USD or other Cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin Wallet – The first option from where one can buy Bitcoin is from the wallet. You can buy either Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin from the wallet. Buy the desired number of coins and deposit it into your preferred digital wallet.       
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform – It is another source from where Bitcoin can be purchased. You have to find an existing seller who wants to sell Bitcoin cash, or you may create a new order on the platform. You can choose the desired amount of coins you want to buy and pay via bank transfer or other modes. 
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange – There are different exchanges where you have to create an account and follow the instructions to buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. The coins you have purchased will show up in your exchange wallet connected to your account. 

When you want to sell your Bitcoin for making profits, use the following sources to easily sell out your Bitcoins. 

  • Bitcoin Wallet – There is a service called Crypto2Cash in the Bitcoin wallet, and it is the 3rd part provider where you need to share your personal and banking details. Signup and type the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. Send the Bitcoin, and after six confirmations, the order gets completed. Follow the instructions of the Crypto2Cash, and the funds you earned by selling Bitcoin would get transferred to your bank account. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform – You can find existing buyers interested in buying Bitcoin and creating sell orders. Launch a trader with the buyer and send the Bitcoin to the buyers. Once the buyer releases the payment, you get the funds into your digital wallet. 

Where to Keep Track of Bitcoin?

You will require a wallet application for Bitcoins that you have purchased online. These applications store your Bitcoin safely in the private servers. These applications not only allow you to trade in Bitcoin but also make the process of keeping track of Bitcoin easier and smoother. There are several Bitcoin wallets online that you may use after thorough research. Never trust an inferior mobile app when it comes to storing your Bitcoin. It must allow you to track your Bitcoin easily via a dedicated desktop or mobile application.

So, follow these steps to buy, sell and keep track of your Bitcoins.

A Complete Guide To Invest In Cryptocurrency: What You Need To Know In 2020

The task of buying and selling things is supported by the currency from earlier times. With modernization, some changes can be seen in the pattern of buying and selling things. Now, there are online options that are available to individuals for the purchase of anything over the internet. With the introduction of digital currency in some markets across the world, there is a paradigm shift in the pattern of buying and selling things. There is a whole fully functional market existing over the internet where people buy and sell with the help of Cryptocurrency and they also perform various big transactions through the digital currency.

Why Cryptocurrency Predictions Are Important?

  • Cryptocurrency predictions are made daily over the internet. Some agencies or individuals have high expertise in the field of Cryptocurrency.
  • These predictions are quite helpful in investing and for the purchase of different things.
  • An Individual’s expertise is much needed to run the Cryptocurrency market efficiently. The trading activities can be also done with the help of this form of digital currency.
  • People tend to look for more information over the internet on various articles that are published regularly in daily magazines.
  • One can have a visit on the Crypto Charts website for more information on the Cryptocurrency.

The new form of currency is in fashion these days with a lot of flexibility available to the users who purchase such a form of currency. The digital currency can be purchased through many platforms. These platforms are operating through apps and websites. Individuals also try their hands in the field of investment in the Cryptocurrency. The reliable options are available over the internet with several types of services that they are providing to their customers. The potential customers are lured by the vendors for the investment in the Cryptocurrency.

Why Cryptocurrency Is In Trend These Days?

  • Cryptocurrency or digital currency is in trend these days because of easy availability over the internet.
  • It can be easily purchased through websites or mobile applications. There is a huge availability of mobile applications.
  • These applications support various features such as wallets to save the digital currency. They are also providing constant chat support for all sorts of queries.
  • They have a tie-up with the state banks for easy transfer of money. Individuals can easily think of investing in the Cryptocurrency because these all websites and apps are registered under the state laws. They come in the state jurisdiction.
  • One of the prominent features is also available on such apps is showing the Cryptocurrency prices for a particular day. 

People tend to look for the daily prices of Cryptocurrency over the internet. Several agencies run their charts of digital currency for customer’s better understanding. Individuals search for cryptocurrency prices today over the internet. These prices fluctuate as per the demand and rise in the cryptocurrency market. The trading options are available to the users to raise a high amount of money. Nowadays there are a plethora of options that are available to the customers for investing in the Cryptocurrency. The options which are available to them may or maybe not suitable to them. It can be judged by the cryptocurrency analyst. The analyst’s work is to perform various calculations and track the prices of cryptocurrency as well. The individual’s approach to cryptocurrency is mostly vague without the support of the analyst’s information. It needs to be supported by the concrete facts to invest in the cryptocurrency. The investment options matter a lot to the customers because it can raise the money in manifolds.

Here’s How The Cryptocurrency Market Will Change in 2020

Bitcoin is the favorite cryptocurrency of all time but over time the value has stagnated. If you look at the Bitcoin price today, you will find that the price is static. The current price is $11,840 with a minor 0.75% dip since yesterday. However, don’t cut your hopes as the crypto market capitalization chart sees some positive changes. The beginning of 2019 was amazing for Bitcoin holders. And they also saw a huge setback in the second half of the year. But the year 2020 looks promising. So, here are five major trends to look out for Bitcoin. You can also take a look at crypto-charts website to understand the Bitcoin trend over years.

Top 5 trends that will change the cryptocurrency market in 2020

  • Bitcoin Halving

The key aspect for Bitcoin to be bullish is the Bitcoin halving. This is a schedule adopted by the Bitcoin to half the generation of Bitcoin. This occurs every four years roughly. This is a great strategy for cryptocurrency developers to increase the demand for Bitcoin. The schedule involves halving of the newly generated Bitcoins by half every ten minutes. So, instead of 20 Bitcoin generated in every block, 10 Bitcoins will be generated. In the next, ten minutes, it will reduce to 5, and so on.

However, there are split opinions on this strategy in the crypto market capitalization community. But this has proven to be pretty effective in appreciating the cryptocurrency value and the asset price.

  • Transformation to digital gold

For over years, Bitcoin has earned the name of being a digital gold. Although started as a meme, the cryptocurrency has seen transitions similar to that of gold. The concept of Bitcoin becoming digital gold grew firm and prevalent. To this, Congressman Brad Sherman remarked that cryptocurrency can become a threat to US Dollar’s dominance in the global economy.

Moreover, at the beginning of 2020, there were found similarities between the pricing of gold and Bitcoin. However, there are no strong correlations to back the theory. But the use case is used for the core value proposition by Bitcoin. And the introduction of bank-issued digital currencies will change the fate of cryptocurrency markets.  

  • Bitcoin upgrades

Bitcoin hasn’t seen many changes unlike some of its competitors. But 2020 can bring some revolution in the old technology of Bitcoin. A major change is expected with the introduction of Schnorr, Taproot, and Tapscript. Currently, developers are reviewing the code and making room for the upgrades to occur in their nodes. This will change the face of the crypto market capitalization chart and improve privacy.

We are expecting the incorporation of a few more functionalities like the contract functionality and scalability. Once the bugs are fixed, the developers will roll out the beta version for testing. This will enhance the overall value of Bitcoin in the market. For more info, you can visit the website.

  • Sidechain adoption for Bitcoin

Developments above the base algorithm are also taking place. The industry has seen liquid sidechain growth. It helps in providing faster solutions and cheaper micropayments. The lightning network was already added to Bitcoin’s portfolio and it has enjoyed the celebratory attention. However, with Liquid sidechain in action, Bitcoin will again see the uphill in 2020. This sidechain will prove to be efficient in reducing congestion during transactions.

  • Institutional investment

The final trend to watch is the institutional investment. It will shake the whole cryptocurrency market as SEC approval will allow Bitcoin to become a legal digital currency. Institutional adoption has been rumored around for years but you don’t expect to see that overnight. But with SEC approval of the ’40 Act-regulated Bitcoin fund, Bitcoin will definitely see a surge in its price. So, 2020 is a great year to mine Bitcoin for the users. The beginning was promising and the end is anticipated with the rise of shares and stock unit prices.

How To Sell Ethereum: The Beginner’s Guide

This small guide will certainly assist you in learning a little about the program, and after that, it will exhibit you exactly how you can bring your needles on some of the ethereum real time price for exchanging Ethereum.

Understanding how to purchase and peddle ethereum price can be very reasonable, only if you have your fundamentals right. Existing as the second-largest currency by market cap, Ethereum can be effortlessly purchased in trades around the world. And, it’s completely reasonable to be a bit confused about it. 

What is Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin, a prodigy based on Russia and Canada in programming, was captivated by the importance of blockchain technology and Bitcoin. Nonetheless, he inclined that the particular blockchain certainly had a ton of more conceivable potential than barely being a facilitator of expenditure procedures. He was the one who saw a nation where creators from around the globe could establish or build applications on a common supercomputer established on blockchain technology. 

The major thing to report about these requests is that a sole, prominent corporation does not acquire them. This is the reason behind these petitions are furthermore called decentralized petitions or “dApps.” This reasoning was the major vitality behind the innovation of Ethereum. Buterin, after this, formulated and started his project called “Ethereum.” 

Trading Strategies for Ether

The trading strategies for Ether falls majorly in these two categories:

● Holding

● Active Trading


Holding or more popularly known as “holding” is the easiest trading technique used by investors as it is the one that compels the smallest quantity of action. In the process of stock-trading, holding is certainly a long-term technique. The notion is that a particular investor purchases a specific quantity of commodities in a powerful and respected corporation. These products then hold on to those commodities as the firm accumulates in valuation, giving rise to them being richer and richer in this procedure. In the crypto demand, Bitcoin and the Ethereum, are the two most important market administrators in the space. A ton of timely investors in the area have developed enormous income over time.

Advantage of this technique

● Time as well as the energy-saving process. All you have to do is buy some Ether and store it in a place where it is perfectly safe.

● Unlike Bitcoin, where you have to constantly be updated with the news of what is going down and if the level is going down or not. This is something you don’t need to do while holding the ethereum price.

● The maintenance of your portfolio is low.

● While performing this technique, you do not need to do frequent or constant transactions, which is why the payment you give for transactions is quite low.

In this process, one of the vastly significant facets of ownership is the eventual deal. Indistinct words, when do you plan to flee from your stance and take your profits? Must you peddle all the money at one time, or should you peddle them in pieces? This also banks on the money and how great the belief you retain in its probable effect.

Active Trading

Active traders dive low into the Either market and possess more proficiency and knowledge about aids and ethereum prices than long-term proprietors. They utilize specialized as well as an important examination to regulate the market’s achievement frequently.

For these fellows, the objective is to purchase deep and peddle bliss.

Advantages of this technique

● This process will certainly allow benefiting more as compared to the first process called holding.

● In holding, you won’t be able to make a significant profit from small scale fluctuations, but inactive trading is certainly possible.

● If you have a keen and observant eye, this one’s for you.

These are the basic things that you should know before you begin to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrency. That world is vast, and you will certainly need a guide to get through it. You have to stay updated with the news and ethereum real-time price so that your win’s chances are more than the conventional percentage.

If you still have any confusion with the process, all you have to do is reach out to Crypto Charts, and they will certainly help you with anything you need!

Top 5 Highest Cryptocurrencies By Market Capitalization


The digital world seeks digital money, and here it is the cryptocurrencies that are structured to provide fulfillment to all the valid needs of one and all. The requirement of creating awareness in the market that this digital money system can only fulfill the new money demands. The market is highly aware of its worth and keeps track of all the upcoming events related to it. Certain groups of people keep track of the crypto market capitalization chart to grab on the fresh opportunities.

The cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency is one of the structured money translatable to real cash in today’s world. The need to introduce the idea of cryptocurrency was that the population growth demanded enough money to live a standard life. Poverty has become a modern topic for all sectors, including business and politics. Digital money has its benefits, whereas there are still pints of risk in dealing with it. Here are the necessary points you would need to know before investing yourself in the industry.


  • Lower expenses while transacting
  • Fraud elimination
  • Instant exchanges
  • Lesser barriers
  • New generation money benefits for the coming generation
  • Competitive and improvising life through


  • Lack of cyber-security 
  • Scalability
  • Volatile pricing
  • No regulatory maintenance 

There are always good and bad sides to everything. Similarly, digital money has its advantages and disadvantages. The matter of fact is that one can very much avoid the disadvantages with cautious stepping into the market of cryptocurrency. There are no regulatory rules and barriers, and this stands to be one of the best aspects as well as the worst aspect of the digital currencies. The determination of volatility of the prices can be done by studying the charts at daily intervals.

The market charts

The market charts keep the details of the currency demand of certain competing digital money forms such as bitcoins and ethereum. They can vary with the pricing and demands as per the popularity of the agency and the service of the agents. The basic thing that the idea of digital money provokes is that this might open up a vast source of business opportunities. The total cryptocurrency coin market cap stands for what the industry worth as a whole. Expert economists and analysts from these charts. The knowledge about the industry might give accurate profits and benefits of availing the services of the charts.

News related

The news is the ultimate space that holds the right at the right and wrong on the wrong side. The customers expect every detail of the news to be based on the reality of the industry. One needs to stay updated on the current chart analysis, and this is what the analysts say about the industry. 

  • The Bitcoin still holds the top space with a $203,801,174,632 market cap circulating 18,447,300 BTC.
  • In the top 50 platforms, the UMA holds the least space with a $219.86 M market cap and circulating 53.32 M UMA.
  • The top 5 gainers of the industry are Crowd Machine, Vodi X, PumaPay, AdBank, Halalchain.
  • The Top big losses of the industry are acquired by Imagecash, Cosmo coin, Omnitude, Ipchain,
  • The industry’s total exchange cap is $333.23 B, with a BTC dominance of 61.15%.


The conclusions clarify that the best investment opportunity comes with a price always, the BTC circulated all around the web are high because the brand has gained enough trust to convince its customers that the digital coins will help you learn more about the wider prospects of the business and new strategies. One can always visit Crypto Charts to get a better idea about the capitalization of real money.

Quick Guide On How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts

These days, people are using cryptocurrency all across the world. It is a secure digital currency which helps us to buy assets and many other things even when we are sitting at our home. We can use it anywhere, and it is easily accessible. They are not recorded physically, which makes it beneficial for every person. We can acquire any knowledge about it on the internet. For day traders, it can be used for day to day trading purposes, and we can look for the top cryptocurrency live charts by ourselves. It is an easy and time-efficient process. Most importantly, all of it depends on the demand of the customers and supply from the producers.

Follow the trends and trade with the best probability 

To understand the live charts, we can begin with an understanding of the market. Like, we can begin with the basic terms and then move on to the big terms. It is not at all complicated; when we are clear with the basics, we can start using bitcoin on our own. All the details about trading can be dealt with later on. The key aspect to remember here is a possibility. We cannot begin trading without the faith that everything is possible. Before investing, we need to look at the previous trends and what they are suggesting for the future. There are not many options here either we win the trade, or we lose it, but if we do it with full focus, there are higher chances of winning rather than losing it. 

Follow the recently updated data and then trade for it

While trading, we should not invest a high amount in the first go, because if we lose, only we have to face the consequences. Of course, it is mostly filled with a lot of excitement and fun at the beginning, but awareness is as important as fun in trading. We should remember one thing always that there is always a pattern for everything, and likewise, in this case, we should follow that pattern i.e., first observe and then trade. 

After some time, we will become aware of when is the right time to buy the stocks and when is the right time to sell it. It may look problematic to the beginners, but it can fulfill the need of those curious minds, it is full of suspense and enjoyment. But we cannot do it without the crypto charts; they are vital for the best results. With the help of a secure website like Crypto Charts, we can do this. They provide the most recent and updated data to us. This website is particularly helpful for those people who are already in the business of trading for a long time. It can give insight information that can make us pro in trading. In addition to that, we could understand more deeply about past trends and current trends. It could be the key for us to win the trade. 

Logical thinking is the key to win the trade

Beyond all of this, whenever we are trading, we need to focus on thinking logically. We cannot behave like every other person in the room. It will only make us vulnerable, and instead of winning the trade, we might end up losing it. It demands attention, and we need to give ours. There is no such thing as a miracle in the trade; we can only win it if we give our best. Hence, we should think about this creative mind and go beyond everyone’s thinking. Then only, we can be the right traders for such kind of trade, and with the cryptocurrency latest news today, we can excel at it. So, from this day onwards, our actions would be speaking for us.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin In 2020

Is it accurate to say that you are thinking about putting resources into digital money as your goal for 2020? Do you concern that digital currencies are excessively puzzling? Some of your companions and associates might be happy about Bitcoin, though others may be advising you to remain away. In any case, the vast majority do watch out for the recent developments in the crypto markets. Frequently, you may catch terms usually utilized in the crypto network yet have no clue about what those mean. In this post, you will get a guide for any individual who needs to find out about the virtual space. If you want to get live information, then click here to get a bitcoin price live chart.

How financial exchange pioneers and masters feel about cryptocurrency? 

Some securities exchange veterans are absolutely against the idea of crypto. Warren Buffett has earned the mark the “Prophet of Omaha.” Some of the Wall Street investigators even pleasure his stock preferences as though they are Nostradamus’ predictions for the cutting-edge world.

A report by professionals in May talked about Buffett’s perspectives on the Bitcoin and the innovation that controls it to see real time bitcoin price charts. Buffett has scolded Bitcoin as “a betting gadget” & “rodent poison squared;” He is likewise said that a few people use it for extortion. Charlie Munger imparted his insight about exchanging virtual monetary forms. The professional’s report proceeded to state that Munger impressions “dementia.” It is energizing crypto exchanging. 

Cryptographic money: Insight versus reality 

In any case, why purchase digital money if it depends on market recognition, particularly if it does not have any rawness or substance to it? There are two major principal reasons. The primary one is that cryptographic forms of money can create financial returns route higher than stocks. There are additionally considerable dangers included. The other one is that it tends to be utilized as elective cash for crypto-sponsored administrations. Indeed, there are numerous cases wherein specialist organizations acknowledge digital currencies for products and enterprises. It is important to go through the bitcoin price live chart as this is the only way that can help you get exact information for trading.

Where can you purchase the cryptographic money? 

Try not to get too energized pondering possessing your pizza shop utilizing the digital money. It’s smarter to remain grounded and center around the basics. With the development of worldwide endeavors, the rundown of trades could continue onward. Each crypto trade has a site and portable applications for crypto exchange. In any case, that isn’t a reason for worry. It’s conceivable to transfer & store all your crypto property securely in your wallet, not in the physical wallet that you may usually have, yet an advanced one that can be used from any place. Crypto purchasing & marketing rates are resolved depending on the volume of exchanges and market observation. This can be accessed at real time bitcoin price charts, so it is very important to get detailed information before investing, especially if you are a beginner.

A decentralized free trade  Just the same, who’s the overlord of the cryptographic money domain? Who directs and oversees them? Who defends the financial specialists? This is where you have to give more consideration. Administrative oversight is one place in which digital currency exchanging and stock exchanging are completely different. Stock traders need to work as indicated by the Securities & Exchange Commission’s direction with government guidelines. For all this information, you can click here to visit the official site of Crypto Charts.

Here’s Where You Should Head For Real-Time Bitcoin Price Charts

Cryptocurrencies for the past decade have gotten much recognition on the internet. If you also are thinking of investing in it, then you understand where to invest and when to invest. The most popular of all cryptocurrencies is the Bitcoin. For over the years, Bitcoin rose to the top of all cryptocurrencies, now valued at $9,198 with a market cap of around $169B. However, if you look at the Bitcoin price charts, you will see that there is quite a downfall in the appreciation of this cryptocurrency for the past few years.

Even if you look at the last 24 hours you will see that the price of each Bitcoin unit plunged from $9400 to $9200. How do we know it? Well, it’s simply because we keep our eyes on the crypto charts’ website. The crypto charts website provides us will almost every information that is required to make a sound and proper judgment on whether to purchase more shares or sell the one you own.

How to read real-time Bitcoin price charts?

Reading real time Bitcoin price charts is not much of rocket science. You can perform well in the trading of Bitcoin as well. The only skill you require is a logical understanding of the market. While many find trading as similar to gambling, we sincerely feel it is more of like a probability. It involves making decisions based on past trends and current situation. If your judgment is right, you will be showered with great value and if you are wrong, you will bear the consequences. It is as simple as that.

For us also, it was not easy when we started. But eventually, we came to understand the pattern of the stocks and estimated the right time for selling. However, we will not boast that we always made money by selling our shares. But yes, once we understood the buying and selling pattern, we were always on the right side of the judgment. All thanks to crypto charts which provided us with essential information regarding the prices of cryptocurrencies and their changes in the past 24 hours.

If you are already into cryptocurrencies trading, then this website is very helpful to you. It provides you with Bitcoin price charts from the past month and how it has performed. You will get all the necessary insights for the same which helps you make an informed decision.

Now, coming to read the real-time Bitcoin price charts, we would like you to forget all the formulas you have been using in the past and focus on the topic we’re dealing with. The best way to understand the charts is to have a close look at the market cap, the change in unit price, and the change in the volume. Now, how can you do so? This, we will discuss this in our next section.

Make sure to understand the price dynamics

Usually, a logical mind will suggest you sell shares if they start declining into their value. So, suppose if you bought or mined cryptocurrencies when their value was, say, $100 which rose to $180 and then start declining. What will you do? Normality suggests us to sell the shares and collect the rest of the profits. Most of the traders will surely do so but let me tell you one thing. Unless and until the value plunges to $100, you are not making losses. So, beat your instinct and think logically. The trading market is volatile and the face value of the shares changes now and then. So, there is no need to hurry. Stay calm and you will see your investment plummeting towards the sky. How do I know that? Just follow the official website of crypto charts daily, even when you haven’t invested. Keep visiting their website once a day and see how the Bitcoin price charts vary. For better understanding, make a note of everyday transaction and after every month, check you balance if you have sold the shares or held into them.

Cryptocurrency – An Emerging And Smart Way Of Capitalization

Money makes the essence of what we are today! They give us leisure and everything that we need. With time, the mode of use of money has shifted from cash to cashless. They provide an extraordinary benefit and help a person be carefree. With the advent of increase in cryptocurrency market cap, helps a lot to know about the financial status of the market and its health. With different cryptocurrencies emerging in the market, it is often tedious to learn the best for investment and also the competition emerging amongst them. Cryptocurrencies are the future of financing with a perfect blend of technology.

Why is cryptocurrency a brainy investment?

Cryptocurrency has its benefits when it comes to investment. Some of the benefits are the following:

  • They provide a smooth and reliable mode of transfer, transactions, and financing.
  • They are easy to operate, open to international trade, and have no or minute transaction fees. 
  • They are easy to take on credit, have individual ownership, and can be transferred as an asset easily from one owner to another. 

Choosing the right platform for capitalization chart

Investing in a cryptocurrency involves reading numbers. To have the appropriate information choosing the right platform is a must. Crypto Charts provides for the live and updated information with every passing day to the interested viewers. It provides for details like total market capitalization, recent prices, change in volume, and cost over 24 hours and much more of approximately a hundred companies. It helps to have a view of what it would be like to invest in a company. The changing graphs set history and make a cryptocurrency scalable or non-scalable for investment. The numbers and the lines play a vital role in conveying the market status and convincing a potential investor to invest in it. 

Peculiarities of the platform

Choosing the right platform to look for the crypto market capitalization chart is essential. The must-have features of the platform are:

  • Reliable: The updates should be accurate to the core so that the investor can rely on the numbers it provides. The reliability is the foundation of any first investment. 
  • Popularity: Popularity plays a vital role in designing an image of the platform. More the reputation, the higher is the reliability factor, and the greater is the trust a person can instil.
  • Essentials: Cryptocurrencies come along with a lot to look before investing. The platform should be self-sufficient to provide a visitor the amenities like the latest news about the currencies, calculation of cryptocurrency to the respective cash currencies, and much more. 
  • Readable: The crypto market capitalization chart present in the platform should be simple, elegant, yet understandable. The presentation should be in a way that even the newbies in the field of investment find it obvious and easy to read.

Investments are always a tough deal, especially when it is about money. A person who is new into this world is at an equivalent risk of profit and loss. They must, therefore, play safe or seek guidance. Understanding cryptocurrency is the key to financial success and keeping up with trends. It is a worthy investment only when a person uses the might and wit to make the right investment. It can dig a deep well of loss or build stairs of success. Therefore, choosing the right platform to look for the crypto market capitalization chart is essential. An authentic space would give the transparency of numbers, and the graph lines would be the lines of trust and reliability. By choosing the right platform to search the right cryptocurrency to invest in can help with spending the most valuable asset – money!

Crypto Charts – Top Cryptocurrencies Price List Today

Cryptocurrency as we all know has reached the zenith of digital currency platforms and people are still mining their way to get hold of the best of the lot. However, in this volatile world or as economists and marketers suggests the VUCA world, the price and the worth of these currencies are dynamic and change every hour. While few have invested in these cryptocurrencies, there are still many are left to start with the mining. So, we decided to bring to you the top cryptocurrency prices today which will help you to decide which currency you should mine and the factors you need to keep in mind.

You can also visit the official website of Crypto Charts to have a profound look at the worth of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Moreover, if you want more information on the stacking cryptocurrencies, you can know about their present prices and volume which is just a click away. Make sure you visit the website to understand the fluctuations better.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the top 5 cryptocurrencies that we have narrowed down for you based on the cryptocurrency price list today.

#1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most familiar name in the market of cryptocurrencies as it has been valued the most at USD 9,098 building a rampant empire of 25% of the total market cap. However, if you look closely into the percentage growth in the price from the last two years, you will see that it has not changed much as compared to some newest cryptocurrencies. Over the last 30 days, the value has declined by approximately 6% which is still better performing than other cryptocurrencies, provided the current market scenario. You can verify the same by following the link. Hence, even though the value of Bitcoin is far-fetched, investing before the rise of the economy is a better option for the miners.

#2 Ethereum

The cryptocurrency price list today shows Ethereum to still holding second place with a major decline of 7.5% over the last 30 days which is not a good sign for any investor. Nevertheless, it would be a ruse to not invest in one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the world. Currently, they have been capped at USD 226 and have experienced a bullish trend in the past 24 hours. So, it can be a convenient cryptocurrency to go for. What do you think about investing in Ethereum? You can also know more about it by searching for cryptocurrency prices today.

#3 XRP

Next on our list is one of the lowest-priced cryptocurrencies with seemingly large volumes. Capped at $17.73B in the market with its unit price only being $0.18 looks pretty promising. Entering into the big leagues is never easy but if you compare the cryptocurrency price list today, XRP has experienced a dip in its price by 13% since last month’s valuation which is considered pretty bad in this scenario. Therefore, if you are looking forward to investing in this digital currency, we advise you to stall a bit and look for a rising trend.

#4 Tether

Another low priced cryptocurrency which has shown nearly no change in its initial and final price over the last 30 days is Tether. Although capped at $6.04B, Tether only accounts for unit price at USD 1.00 but with a high volume of around 1.20 M. So, the question is whether you should invest in it? As per the expert’s opinion, if you want to play very safe with your investment, then it is a good option but they also say “no risk no gain”.

#5 Bitcoin cash

The last in our cryptocurrency price list today, we have Bitcoin Cash, a subsidiary of Bitcoin with a price value of USD 222 per unit with a volume of 1.27M, thereby capping it at $4.11B. However, there has been a decline of around 12% over the last 30 days.

However, there are other cryptocurrencies as well which are performing well from the past month but due to low volume, we could not highlight them here. But, you can still visit Crypto Charts and start navigating through all the cryptocurrencies, their unit price, and performances.